Seraya Secret perfect for underwater photography

Seraya Secrets is one of the most famous critter diving sites in Bali.  With dark volcanic sand covering the bottom, this series of sites is perfect for underwater photography.

The diving here is classic Balinese macro diving. The topography of Seraya Secret is a gentle black sand slope with ridge and valley terrain. The valleys are mostly featureless sand flats, while the ridges are home to corals and sponges. A guide with an “eagle eye” is the secret to finding all the best creatures here. Animals commonly encountered here include harlequin shrimp, ornate ghost pipefish, pygmy seahorses and a plethora of nudibranchs. Larger animals include leopard morays, lionfish and the occasional seahorse.

It’s easy to spend long periods of time in the shallows looking for leaf fish, catfish and skeleton shrimp. This is one of the most rewarding sites in Bali for photographers. It’s also one of the best sites to find the elusive boxer crab!

school of baracuda kubu monkey tulamben


Seraya Secrets is located in the North East of Bali, very near to the town of Tulamben.  For those familiar with the area, the site is located a kilometre past the large bridge on the main road.  The site can be accessed via a small dirt road leading directly to the beach.

If you need information about the travel time to the location and how much it costs to get to the location, please click here How to get to Tulamben

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Seraya Secret is a real pleasure for the eyes. Living here are
Harlequin shrimps, Frog fish, numerous species of rare shrimps, Nudibranchs, Leopard Moray eels, Lionfish, all species of Juvenile fish. This is an attractive location for night macro photography diving.


At the Seraya Secret you can see Black sand floor, with a few small rocks covered with sponges, sea fan and coral.

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