Boga Wreck Dive Spot

The Boga shipwreck was sunk in September 2012 to form an artificial reef. At first, Boga Ship was built in Netherland in 1953. Weighing 193 tons. This Indonesian-flagged ship, Boga Ship, was built in the Netherlands in 1953. It weighs 193 tons. This Indonesian-flagged ship was used for passenger and cargo ships

The 50-meter-long ship is currently a home for fish and coral. You can find it at a depth of 14 meters to 32 meters for the deepest part. You can take pictures behind the wheel of ships, statues, cars and other very interesting objects.

the boga shipwreck tulamben


To get here you can enter from the beach. About 300 meters from the road that goes down to the Kubu Monkey on the right facing the sea. The depth of the boga wreck is from 14-32m.

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The Coral Garden of Tulamben has a water temperature comprised between 27°C and 30°C all year long. The visibility can go up to 40 meters on perfect days.
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Banyak ikan di sekitar bangkai kapal, belut Moray, Lion Fish dan Barracuda serta Trevally.


At the Coral Garden you will enjoy a beautiful coral reef consisting of table corals and anemones, as well as sponges and soft corals. Some corals grow on artificial reefs in the form of small airplanes, statues of gods, beca and others that have been placed here more than 10 years ago.

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