Drop Off Dive Spot

Drop off Tulamben is one of the most popular sites in Bali. Drop Off is also known as Tulamben Wall. This location was formed from the lava from the eruption of Mount Agung in 1963. Located at a depth of 3 meters to 80 meters. The water current here is weak with good visibility of 10 to 30 meters. It is currently covered by many unique corals.

Enjoy a peaceful dive along a colorful and healthy wall full of sea life.


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To get here you can enter from the beach. About 300 meters from the road . Easy to find. Access by boat or from the shore after a 5 minutes swim.

If you need information about the travel time to the location and how much it costs to get to the location, please click here How to get to Tulamben


The Drop Off of Tulamben has a water temperature comprised between 27°C and 29°C all year long. The visibility can go up to 16 meters on perfect days. It has  Slope and Drop Off contour. The terrain there is dominated by Coral Reefs, Sand, Rocks

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Flora & Fauna

Healthy hard and soft corals, gorgonians. Damsel fish, shrimps, sharp nosed puffers, jacks, octopus, scorpion fish, lion fish, flatworm, nudibranches, hermit crabs, schools of big eye trevally, moray eels, reef sharks.

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