Kubu Monkey Reef

Kubu Monkey Reef is a shore dive site, which is relaxing and easy. It offers huge soft gorgonian corals, around 15 meters you can find huge barrel sponges and huge sea fans, all kinds of corals gather here and cover the bottom. The best season to visit Kubu Monkey Reef is from May to October, it attracts many underwater photographers and is great for wide angle and macro shots. The temperature is 28-30℃ throughout the year.

Located in Kubu village, if you drive through a small road hidden in the middle of the village from the main road, you can reach to the front of the rocky beach, there you will find a resort, and a place where preparation for diving can be done. The Kubu Reef or Monkey Reef entry point is here. But you still need to swim out from the beach about 50 meters to reach a certain depth to descend. During the swim you will enjoy the beauty of the colorful shallow reef.

school of baracuda kubu monkey tulamben


To get here you can enter from the Kubu Monkey beach and swim straight out toward open sea for 50m. The temperature is 28-30℃ throughout the year.

The site extends from 5 meters to 30 meters depth. 

If you need information about the travel time to the location and how much it costs to get to the location, please click here How to get to Tulamben

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Kubu Monkey is a real pleasure for the eyes. Living here are Frog fish, Pygmy Sea Horse, Blue Spotted Sting rays, Ghost Pipefish, numerous species of crabes and shrimps…


At the Kubu Monkey Reef you can find Great barrel sponge, sea fan. This Coral Garden seperated by large slithers of sand

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